Battery and Energy Storage Industry

Updated August 7th 9:00 AM

Job and career outlook

Job growth in the battery and storage ecosystem is energized and the growth is the result of expansion of renewable energy - solar and wind, as well as the requirement to improve grid stability and the management of energy resources. The trends highlighted in the charts below indicate a continued upward trend in the overall number of battery and storage jobs in May, June and July.

Education and skills

Employment in the battery and energy storage systems is an essential component of the renewable energy ecosystem, These include areas such as grid stability and energy management. The education and skills required for a job in wind power vary and include the following, based on role. Roles in battery storage include battery storage engineer, battery storage technician, battery research and development, project management, battery manufacturing and data analytics. Education background in bachelor of science in engineering, chemical engineering, materials engineering, data analysis. One thing is for certain, being able to communicate complex topics is going to be a valuable skill going forward.

Industry Outlook and trends

Driven by the global demand for clean and sustainable energy, the outlook for battery and energy storage is very positive. Top markets for jobs currently include these cities and states. The reshoring of supply chains is a strong tailwind in all sustainable sectors, but perhaps none more so than in energy storage. One trend is the accelerating decrease in cost of battery storage systems. This is increasing the rate of adoption and ensuring that battery storage system deployment will increase. Some of the key technological improvements include those in battery chemistry, charging speed and density. These advances are improving overall cost and viability of battery storage systems.

Battery Storage FAQs

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